SAM Model

Items with * appear in more than 1 cell of the table.Items with an "s" prefix are from the semi-structured interviews.


Data / Feedback
Support / Tools / Resources
Consequences / Rewards/ Incentives

11*, 12*, 15c,

15a, 15b, 16b, 17d, 16c*,
17c*, 17d*,
7, 8, 9*, 14b, 13*, 16c*, 16d*
s1, s3*, s4, s5,
14c, 19*

Knowledge / Skills

4, 5, 6, 9*, 10, 13*, 16e,
s6*, s7,
11*, 12*, 14a, 14d, 14e, 15d, 15e, 16a, 17a, 17b,
s3*, s6*,

NCG Survey Questions

1. What is your job title?
2. Location of employment:
3. How long have you been with NetApp? (months)
4. What hard skills (technical) are most valuable for your success during your first six months on the job?
5. What soft skills (interpersonal) are most valuable for your success during the first six months on the job?
6. List any courses, workshops, professional development or training programs that you attended in the past year that have helped you succeed in your job.
7. Please select the five tools you feel are most important for your success
8. Please select the top five (most valuable/important) processes you used in your job during the first six months.
9. What tools do you feel you would have used more if you had a better understanding of them?
10. Describe the key factors that you feel have made you successful in your job
11. Did you have a buddy when you were hired?
12. What did your buddy do that was most helpful?
13. Please rank the following job skills in the order of importance (1 being most important, 8 the least important)
14a. The team I joined has a great "go beyond" attitude.(14a)
14b. I have the tools necessary to be successful in my job.(14b)
14c. The challenges I face at work are interesting, technical challenges.(14c)
14d. I feel my opinions are valued. (14d)
14e. The overall work environment is positive for NCGs.(14e)
15a. I feel comfortable asking others for information. (15a)
15b. I have a good network of "go to" people. (15b)
15c. I have excellent opportunities for professional growth in this organization. (15c)
15d. My salary is comparable to others that I graduated from college with. (15d)
15e. I am proud to say that I work for NetApp. (15e)
16a. I socialize with coworkers outside of the office. (16a)
16b. The information and resources provided during my ramp-up period enabled me to begin work immediately.(16b)
16c. My roles and performance expectations were clearly outlined during my first few weeks. (16c)
16d. My manager provides timely feedback on project tasks and status. (16d)
16e. My formal (college) education adequately prepared me for my current role at NetApp. (16e)
17a. I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day. (17a)
17b. I feel my manager cares about me as a person.(17b)
17c. I understand how my work directly contributes to the overall success of NetApp. (17c)
17d. My manager cares about my current development and future role at NetApp. (17d)
18. Are there any other suggestions that you would like to add that would improve the development of future NCGs during their first 90 days?
19. If you could change anything about the new college graduate development process, what would it be?

Manager questions in table above have ^ next to them.

Semi-Structured Interview Questions:

1. What do you currently do for your new hires within the first 30 days of employment? 90 days of employment?
2. What (if any) documentation do you provide to your new hires?
3. What do you do for NCGs that you don't need to do for experienced engineers?
4. Who are the people NCGs need to know to work effectively? Why are these people important?
(is it the person or the role)
5. What suggestions do you have for the buddy system (what is working and what is not)?
6. What have you found worked well to integrate NCGs into existing projects? What has not worked well?
Skills /Competencies
7. Based in this list (show list from survey results) What skills does a NCG employee need to improve to be most effective in their current role?
a) Soft skills
What soft skills in NCGs are the weakest? (Time Mgmt, Meeting Mgnt?)
b) Hard skills
of these items? What do you think is the best way to develop these skills?
Positive Inquiry
8. Describe a situation where working with a NCG was successful.
9. What have you learned through working with NCGs?