Implementation Plan
Stakeholders (* Project Lead)
NCG Development Plan
Gather feedback on plan from stakeholders and publish version 1.0 with signoff from senior staff
Spring 2010
Laurie * (Learning Program Manager)

Competency Dictionary refinement
Further refinement of key result areas based on stakeholder feedback

Update of resources, further learning activities, checklists/guides for managers and buddies
LMS Tracking Stucture
Outline of items tracked in saba LMS from NCG Development plan, and data entry plan for how data will be input and tracked for summer trial
Spring 2010
LMS Admin
Identify QA and Development sub-leads for LMS
Development of NCG Rating Scales
Scales to be used by managers to relate to NCG performance in core skills
June 2010
To include detailed description matrix and Job Aid for managers to employ in rating NCG progress toward competency development.
LMS use requirements analysis
Identify and develop any user training or job-aids required for the implementation of NCG Dev Plan into LMS
Spring 2010
LMS Admin
Job Aid creation
Develop and Communitcate LMS Competency Trial
Develop and finalize Trial Plan to outline the purpose of the trial and communication structure of data
May 2010
Laurie (OPI)
LMS Admin
Team that will be the pilot group
Communication Plan imbedded
LMS data Input
Input of trial Competency Plan in saba LMS
Jun 2010
LMS Admin (OPI)
Job Aid for data entry for LMS
Run NCG Competency Trial for selected NCGs and Managers
Run trial using one groups of NCGs. Pilot tracking of skills for main competencies for selected groups.
Summer 2010
Evaluate Trial using phase III instrument. Note, Instrument will require update prior to use.
Update of NCG Plan, tools and Full Implementation Plan Development
Incorporate feedback into version 1.1 Competency Development Plan for QA and Software Developers , Develop full Implementation plan incorporating findings. Update Job Aids Communication Package and Training as Required.

Development of a communication/roll-out plan. Embed communication in the trial.
Final NCG Compentency Structure
Final Structure and Implementation approval complete
Dec 2010
LMS trial complete, initial updates to trial portion made and plan complete for full implementation employing LMS