Interview Questions for Managers of NCGs
1. What do you currently do for your new hires within the first 30 days of employment? 90 days of employment? (Res/support tools)
1a. What (if any) written information do you provide to your new hires? (D/ info)
What resources in addition to the HHG (HitchHiker's Guide) do you provide/point your NCG to?
3. In the NCG's first few days/weeks, what do you do for them that you don't need to do for experienced engineers?
4. What people/person/teams are critical for the NCG to know to work effectively?
How does the person/team affect the NCG's job? (is it the person or the position?)
6. What have you found worked well to integrate NCGs into existing projects? What has not worked well? (several..K&S, Motivation) What would you do differently?
7. Based in this list (show list from survey results) What skills does a NCG employee need to improve to be most effective in their current role?
how are they best developed?
From the survey of the NCG, the top three skills they sited were communication, programming and testing skills. Would the manager agree? If not, what skills are appropriate?
8. Describe a situation where working with a NCG was successful. Describe a situation where an NCG was successful within the first few months of employment. What factors contributed to the NCG's success? I like the rephasing What do you consider a success in ramping up a NCG?